Petitions and Enrollment Authorization System (EASy)


An Undergraduate Student Petition must be completed for various issues which may arise during a student's academic career*. For example:

  • Pre-approval
    • Requesting to take a course and a pre-requisite concurrently in the same quarter
    • Requesting to take a course without a completed pre-requisite
    • Requesting to substitute a UC San Diego course with another course to be taken at another institution (not necessary if the course is listed on as equivalent)
    • Requesting to take courses abroad before departure
  • Course Substitutions
    • Requesting to take an upper-division course as a Technical Elective in place of courses listed in the pre-approved lists
    • Requesting to substitute a UC San Diego course with another course taken at UC San Diego
    • Requesting to substitute a UC San Diego course with another course taken at another institution (Not necessary if the course is listed on as equivalent). Only petitions for core courses should be routed to NanoEngineering. General Education courses (Math, Chemistry, Physics, etc.) should be routed directly to the corresponding department
    • Requesting to substitute a course with courses taken abroad after you return
  • Major Requirement Waiver
    • Requesting to graduate with “D” in any course that is a major requirement except CENG or NANO core courses
    • Requesting to take graduate courses as part of CENG or NANO degree (must have 3.0 GPA and state which requirement you wish to complete with course)
*For other requests, please see Course Pre-Authorization (EASy) process below.

How Do I Submit a Petition?

  1. Have your UC San Diego student PID# and password ready.
  2. Log in via Undergraduate Petition portal.
  3. Complete the petition request with course information and the reason for the petition.
  4. Optional: attach any supporting documents such as course syllabus, homework assignments, exam questions, project reports, etc., anything that will provide further information on the courses being petitioned.  Only PDF files will be accepted.

What is the Process of Submitting a Petition?

Once the petition has been submitted it will first be reviewed by an advisor, then the teaching faculty, and finally the Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC) Chair. Once processed, the student will be notified of the decision via Virtual Advising Center (VAC) - an email will be sent to the student's UC San Diego email account alerting them that a VAC message is awaiting their review. Note: It may take 5-7 business days for petitions to be fully processed.

Enrollment Authorization System (EASy requests)

Students are expected to complete all prerequisites and meet all course restrictions prior to enrolling in any undergraduate course offered through the NanoEngineering Department at UC San Diego. Prerequisites and restrictions are enforced in all courses. For courses NOT listed, prerequisites/restrictions may, under exceptional circumstance, be waived with instructor consent.  

  • Prerequisites are courses which must be completed prior to enrollment in the subsequent course to ensure adequate preparation. To request approval for enrollment in a course where a pre-requisite is not yet completed, please see Petitions above.
  • Restrictions are enrollment limitations put upon a course. Most commonly, courses are restricted to certain class levels (junior/senior only, for example) or to certain majors. Restrictions may also be put in place to manage seat capacity.


An undergraduate student will submit a Course Pre-authorization for the following reasons:

  • Pre-approval for enrollment to a class that has restrictions (major, class level, etc)
  • When a course requires department approval
  • When you have submitted a petition requesting an exception for a pre-requisite

How to request a Course Pre-authorization

  1. Have your Student User ID/PID and Password/PAC ready
  2. Submit a request via the UC San Diego Course Pre-authorization System. (Be sure to include the Section ID number of the course for which you seek approval in the justification area. Requests without a Section ID included will not be considered).
  3. A submission confirmation email will be sent to the student's account.
  4. Once a final decision is made on the request, an email will be sent to the student's account. Note: It may take 5-7 business days for EASy requests to be fully processed.
  5. If the Course Pre-authorization (EASy) request is approved, it is the student's responsibility to add (or waitlist, if full) the course via WebReg. All standard add/drop deadlines apply.

Important Notes

  • Submit as early as possible! With busy schedules, travelling faculty and faculty who go on sabbatical, petitions may require a longer review period than expected. The sooner a petition is submitted, the sooner it will be reviewed. Final decision time will vary and is dependent on instructor response time.
  • System availability coincides with the release of the Schedule of Classes for the given quarter and is available until 4:00 pm on Friday of the second week of classes
  • Any petitions or approvals for non-engineering courses (i.e. Chemistry, Math, Physics, etc) must be submitted directly to their respective department.

Visiting Non-UC San Diego students

Individuals with visiting student status who are taking the course(s) at UC San Diego (e.g. in Summer Session, via an exchange program, student-employee program, etc.) may have prerequisites/restrictions waived for any undergraduate course. Visiting students should utilize the UC San Diego Enrollment Authorization System to request such waivers.

Note: Students enrolling via UC San Diego Extension's Concurrent Enrollment program or the Cross-Enrollment program should NOT use the UC San Diego Course Pre-Authorization System. Enrollment is processed via the respective paper form/card.