Graduate Advising

Graduate Advising is available to help answer your questions.  We are working hybrid schedules during the covid-pandemic. 

Anyone can submit questions to the Graduate Advising Email: (specify Nano or Ceng, and MS or PHD in your subject line for a timely response, and, if possible, include specific questions/details).

Until further notice:

Graduate Advising (first come, first served):  Students may attend advising one at a time and will be held in a waiting room until admitted by a Graduate Coordinator. In order to help as many Students as possible during these open sessions each Student will have a maximum time allowed of 10 minutes (have your questions prepared)

Monday, 1:30 - 2:30 pm, 

Wednesday, 11 am - 12 pm,

Open Advising Sessions are held when possible and can be canceled without notice.


MS Program Information:  NanoEngineeringChemical Engineering

PhD Program Information:  NanoEngineering, Chemical Engineering

Graduate Division Graduate Degree Requirements:  Progress to Degree


1. Best way to contact Graduate Advising, email us at:, and include your specific questions.  Current students, use your UCSD email account when emailing your questions, and include your PID, major code (NA75, CE75), and identify your program (MS, PhD).  If you are contacting multiple people on the same question, include the applicable people on one email, do not send individual emails to multiple people.

2. If you require a one-on-one meeting, send your request to, list your specific questions, and 2-3 future dates/times when you're available in the next 5 business days.  We can set up a Zoom meeting online.  If you have not already done so, please register for a free account on Zoom.  

3. If permissible by campus covid guidelines, if you require an in person meeting, send your request to, list your specific questions, and 2-3 future dates/times when you're available in the next 5 business days.  In person advising is appointment only, no walk-ins at this time. 

4. Exams - MS Thesis and PhD students should notify Graduate Advising of their intent to take an exam at least 4-5 weeks in advance, so the necessary preparation can be completed before the exam.  See the links below for the forms to submit exam details.


Register for Exams

Comp Exams - The comprehensive exams for 2022-23 will be held in April.  Registration for the exam will open winter quarter.  All first year MS Comp Exam Plan, PhD students, and MS students who are considering transferring to PhD and have secured a faculty advisor, should register via a form (to be provided later).  The tentative dates are:

Nano: Friday, April 14
Ceng: Friday, April 21

PhD students who are taking Literature Review, Advancement/Senate Exam, or Defending, should notify NanoEngineering Graduate Advising at least 4-5 weeks before the exam date, by entering exam details in the PhD Exam Form: Literature Review, Advancement/Senate Exam, Defense

MS Thesis students, planning thesis defenses, who have not advanced to thesis candidacy, need to submit the request to advance by week 2 of the quarter.  After advancing, MS Thesis students should notify NanoEngineering Graduate Advising at least 4-5 weeks before the exam date, to constitute the thesis committee, by entering exam details in: 
MS Thesis Exam Form   

Requesting MS for SP22, already passed comp exam
Students who have completed MS degree requirements, including advancing to MS candidacy, and passing the comprehensive exam, and are requesting the MS degree for the quarter will need to submit their information to a form (to be provided later). 


Other Student Resources

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Basic Needs 

International Students and Programs Office (ISPO)

Residence Deputy - Resident Status

Student Health

Admissions:  Graduate Admission FAQ     NE Admissions     Apply     Admitted Students


Check back for advising updates.  Stay healthy: wear masks, social distance, and wash your hands often.  Get vaccinated.