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Congratulations to our exceptional graduate students who are recipients of the 2021-22 ARCS Fellowship Awards!

John Holoubek, NanoEngineering
Colman Moore, NanoEngineering
Jiarong Zhou, NanoEngineering

Andrew Kleinschmidt, Chemical Engineering
David McBride, Chemical Engineering

ARCS Foundation fellowships reward excellence in research. Selection was based primarily on the exceptional promise to make a significant contribution to the advancement of science, and to the material and intellectual welfare of all people.

Nano News

Congratulations to Dr. Ping Liu and Dr. Shyue Ping Ong on their latest groundbreaking research! They discovered that adding iodine to sulfur gives it a semi-conductor level conductivity and lowers its melting point.

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Wang! Woxen University has recently named their Chemistry Department after Joe and is now the "Joseph Wang Department of Chemistry." 

Congratulations to Dr.

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Fullerton, who has been named a 2023 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors! 

Congratulations to Professor Joe Wang, who has received the 2024 American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry. This is his third ACS National Award in his career!


Dept News

The NanoEngineering Department is grateful to Aiiso Yufeng Li (Jeff) and his family for their pledge of $2.1 million gift! This gift will support our unique department's efforts in research, education, and student activities.

Starting August 2022 in partnership with Anton Paar

Alexander is one of five UCSD award recipients of the UC Office of the President's Dissertation Year Fellowship.  Dissertation Year Fellowships are awarded to promising students in the final stages of their doctoral work who demonstrate strong potential for university teaching and research.

Every year, the Department of NanoEngineering recognizes and awards two Outstanding Senior Awards and one Department Award of Excellence. This year the department would like to recognize and award the following individuals for their outstanding achievements:

Alumni News

Dr. Juliane Sempionatto, our alumnus from Joe Wang's lab group, is the recipient of Chemosensors 2021 PhD. Thesis Award! The award has been granted to: “Wearable Electrochemical Sensors for Non-Invasive Health Monitoring”. Congratulations to Juliane!

Congratulation to our 2016 alumnus, Dr. Amay Bandodkar, who is on Newsweek List of the 50 ‘Greatest Disruptors’ List. He graduated with a PhD in NanoEnginereering under Dr. Joseph Wang's mentorship.

Congratulations to our alumnus, Fernando Soto, who was named one of 22 early-career interdisciplinary Fellows. Fernando graduated with a Ph.D. in NanoEngineering in 2019.

Fernando is a nanoengineer who has developed microengines the size of a human cell. His research includes designing, building, and powering these tiny engines. Fernando wants to pivot his research to the development of programmable materials to create autonomous biorobots. By integrating responsive synthetic materials into biologically inspired structures that could operate across scales he aims to design robots where responsive materials generate movement or action. These robots could perform tasks too difficult, dangerous, or inaccessible for humans.