Undergraduate Student Resources

Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP)
The Corporate Affiliates Program provides custom services to achieve your corporate goals. http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/external/external_cap/

Team Internship Program (TIP)
The official internship program offered here at the Jacobs School is called the Team Internship Program.  TIP is a unique internship program offered through our Corporate Affiliate Partners where multidisciplinary teams of students go out to our local corporate sponsors to work on a designated project.  These internships are generally full-time, paid, over the summer internships, although some do vary with timing and pay:  http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/external/external_cap/cap_team_intern/

Job/ Internship Bulletin
The Jacobs School maintains a Job/Internship bulletin that is available to all students.  With this application, students would apply to positions directly to the person of contact in the listing.  This bulletin is updated and positions are added on a regular basis. You can find the bulletin here: http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/student/student_prof/prof_intern/

The UC San Diego campus as a whole also offers internship services for all students.  The campus wide Career Services Center maintains a vast database of positions available to our students.  Log into Port Triton Account and:http://career.ucsd.edu/undergraduates/get-experience/internship-information/index.html to view current positions available.

Academic Internship Program (AIP)
Students gain experience in an internship, however, students do not receive any credit for their CENG or NANO major.  http://aip.ucsd.edu/ 

Special Studies/ 199
CENG 199. Independent Study for Undergraduates (4-4) Research project as equivalent to a "senior thesis" can be approved for two Technical Elective courses (eight units).  http://ne.ucsd.edu/undergrad-programs/degree/bs-chemical-engineering/courses

NANO 199. Independent Study for Undergraduates (4-4) Research project as equivalent to a "senior thesis" can be approved for two NanoEngineering Elective courses (eight units).  http://ne.ucsd.edu/undergrad-programs/degree/bs-nanoengineering/courses

NANO & CENG Student Organizations
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)  http://aiche.ucsd.edu/
Nanoengineering & Technology Society (NETS)  http://nets.ucsd.edu/