B.S. NanoEngineering

The B.S. program in NanoEngineering is tailored to provide breadth and flexibility by taking advantage of the strength of basic sciences and other engineering disciplines at UC San Diego. The intention is to graduate nanoengineers who are multidisciplinary and can work in a broad spectrum of industries.

All NANO courses are taught only once per year, and courses are scheduled to be consistent with the curriculum. Under normal circumstance, students must follow the prescribed curriculum. Unavoidable deviation from the curriculum, for example, to participate in the Education Abroad Program, must be approved by the Undergraduate Affairs Committee prior to taking alternative courses elsewhere. Approvals are also needed for engineering courses not listed under the current selections for different engineering focus areas. NANO 198 is not allowed as a NanoEngineering elective in meeting the upper-division major requirements. NANO 199 can be used as a technical elective only under restrictive conditions. Policy regarding these conditions may be obtained from the department’s Student Affairs Office. All students are encouraged to visit the Student Affairs Office or visit the Department of NanoEngineering Website for any clarification and updated information. To graduate, students must maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.0, and the department requires at least a C– grade in each course required for the major.

General-Education/College Requirements

For graduation, each student must satisfy general-education course requirements determined by the student’s college as well as the major requirements determined by the department. The six colleges at UCSD require widely different general-education courses, and the number of such courses differs from one college to another. Each student should choose his or her college carefully, considering the special nature of the college and the breadth of general education.

The NANO curriculum allows for forty-eight* units of General Education (G.E.) Requirements, which are sufficient to fulfill most but not all college requirements. Regardless of the specific college, students must develop a program that includes a total of at least forty-eight*units in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, not including subjects such as accounting, industrial management, finance, or personnel administration. Students must consult with their college to determine which G.E. courses to take.

* The forty-eight units are shown for Warren College students as an example to fulfill the general education requirements.  Students in other colleges need to adjust the plan to match their own college requirements.

NanoEngineering 2017 Admit Day Presentation 

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