NanoEngineering Professors' Paper Hits Coveted 1,000-Citation Mark

The Acta Materialia paper by UC San Diego Nanoengineering professors Marc A. Meyers and Vlado A. Lubarda, hits a coveted 1,000-citation mark on Google Scholar ( The paper provided a constitutive description of twinning in metals (M.A. Meyers, O.V. Vohringer, V.A. Lubarda, "The onset of twinning: a constitutive description", Acta Materialia 49, 4025-4039, 2001). This work has received wide attention among materials science researchers by its novel analysis of plastic deformation in which crystallographic slip and twinning were considered as competitive deformation mechanisms. The theory was applied to BCC iron, FCC copper and Cu-Zn brass, and HCP titanium with a grain size of 100 microns. Congratulations to both professors. 

Please click here to read the full paper.