Nano News

Congratulations to Dr. Shaochen Chen on his research advancement and recent publication, "High Cell Density and High Resolution 3D Bioprinting for Fabricating Vascularized Tissues," published in Science Advances

Congratulations to Dr. Tod Pascal, who has been selected as a 2023 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow! This is a prestigious award for early career scientists.

Congratulations to Dr. Ping Liu on his latest paper, "Growing single-crystalline seeds on lithiophobic substrates to enable fast-charging lithium-metal batteries," published in Nature Energy.

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Wang and Dr. Sheng Xu on their latest paper, "A wearable cardiac ultrasound imager," published in Nature.

Congratulations to Dr. Shyue Ping On on the latest paper, "A universal graph deep learning interatomic potential for the periodic table," published in Nature Computational Science.

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Wang and Dr. Sheng Xu on their latest paper, "A stretchable epidermal sweat sensing platform with an integrated printed battery and electrochromic display," published in Nature Electronics.

"Nanoparticle-modified microrobots for in vivo antibiotic delivery to treat acute bacterial pneumonia" is the latest paper to be published by Dr. Joseph Wang and Dr. Liangfang Zhang in Nature Materials.

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A big round of applause to Dr. Daniel Wangpraseurt, an Assistant Project Scientist and Prof. Shaochen Chen, Chair of NanoEngineering.

‘Closing the loop for patients with Parkinson disease: where are we?’ is the latest Nature Neurology Perspective article. Congrats to the entire Parkinson sensing team, including the collaboration with Professor Irene Litvan!