Nano News

A research team, led by NanoEngineering professor Shaochen Chen, developed a 3D printer that can rapidly produce 96-well array of living human tissue samples within 30 minutes, which can accelerate drug development.

Members of the Jokerst Bioimaging Lab recently raised money to buy oxygen concentrators for the COVID-19 crisis in India. The trainees collected $750 that was then matched by another $750 from Dr. Jokerst.

NanoEngineering professors, Nicole Steinmetz and Jonathan Pokorski, were awarded a NIH grant (434,500 USD over 2 years) for the development of next-generation mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The team brings expertise in plant virus nanotechnology and polymer delivery technology.

Congratulations to Dr. Jinhye Bae, who has been selected by the US Chapter of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE) as the recipient of the KIChE President Young Investigator Award 2021.

Last week, UC San Diego Housing, Dining, and Hospitality (HDH) announced to the academic community a rent increase for new graduate students. We wanted to let you know that the department and faculty are opposed to these increases.

Researching efforts led by NanoEngineering professors Joseph Wang and Sheng Xu introduce the design of flexible e-textile microgrids by presenting a multi-module bioenergy microgrid system. Using an e-textile microgrid relies on human activity to harvest and regulate biochemical energy.

NanoEngineering professor, Nicole Steinmetz, was honored to become a Fellow of the International Association for Advanced Materials in recognition of her contribution to "Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence". The department is proud of her achievement!

NanoEngineering professor, Kenneth Vecchio, and researchers in his lab are leading a project to study new materials that melt above 4000 degrees Celsius. Materials that perform at ultra-high temperatures can be applied to industry, energy, space, and defense needs.

Congratulations to Dr. Sheng Xu for being selected as a Sloan Research Fellow for 2021. Sloan Research Fellowships are given to early-career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them as rising stars among the next generation of scientific leaders. Dr.

Researching efforts led by NanoEngineering professors Joseph Wang and Sheng Xu continues to develop wearable technology that can be beneficial for individuals managing high blood pressure and diabetes.