Virtual Open House 2020

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Virtual Nanoengineering And Chemical Engineering Open House

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Welcome high school students, advisors, and parents to our 2020 Virtual Open House. Today we'll be bringing you presentations on our Chemical Engineering and NanoEngineering programs and the great benefits they can offer you. Our student organizations, AIChE and NETS, will share the opportunities and support they can provide students in our majors. We hope you'll enjoy some experiment videos and photos available below, as well as program testimonials from our current graduate students. Our Student Advisors and members of faculty are on-hand to assist with any questions. We look forward to speaking with you all! Zoom presentation begins at 10am. Click below.

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Guest Welcome Folder

Guest Welcome Folder

Building and Lab Photos

SME Building and Lab Photos

Open House

  • Jessica Nguyen, Student Affairs Manager - Event Host

  • Shaochen Chen, NanoEngineering Department Chair - Welcome

  • Andrea Tao, Professor and Vice Chair of Education - Program presentation

  • Soyoung Shin, AIChE President - Student Organization presentation

  • Hridayanand Khemchandani, AIChE Department Chair - Student Organization presentation

  • Aidan Lucas, President of NETS - Student Organization presentation

  • Karla Vega, Undergraduate Student Advisor - Q&A


Today's Agenda

Virtual Presentations via Zoom:
  • 10:00am - Event open and welcome (Jessica Nguyen)

  • 10:05am - Chair welcome and Department overview (Shaochen Chen)

  • 10:10am - NanoEngineering and Chemical Engineering overview/Q&A (Andrea Tao)

  • 10:30am - Student Orgs overview and Q&A (NETS and AIChE)

  • 10:45am - Q&A (Karla Vega)

  • 11:00am - Presentation close and introduction to our experiments and videos


Graduate Testimonials

For more information, please contact our student advisor, Karla Vega at