Introduction to Nanorobotics - Fernando Soto

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Fernando Soto will be presenting an "Introduction to Nanorobotics." Mr. Soto is a Ph.D. candidate working in the Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics in the Department of NanoEngineering. This Graduate Society of NanoEngineers Student Seminar will be held in the Cymer Conference (SME248).


Micro- and nanoscale robots can effectively convert diverse energy sources into movement and force. Recent advances in the design, fabrication, and operation of micro/nanorobots have greatly enhanced their power, function, and versatility. The new capabilities of these tiny untethered machines indicate the immense potential for a variety of applications. This talk reviews the challenges and opportunities of the field, with a special focus on their potential advantages for biomedical applications.

Seminar Date