Richard K. Herz


Department of NanoEngineering
Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego 

Office: 244J Structural & Materials Engineering (SME) Building
Phone: 858-534-6540

PhD, U. C. Berkeley, Chemical Engineering
MS, U. C. Berkeley, Chemical Engineering
BS, University of Denver, Chemical Engineering

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Research Interests:

Renewable Energy
- Cellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals
- Solar thermochemical hydrogen production - what?

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Heterogeneous Catalysis under Dynamic Conditions, Reaction & Diffusion in Porous Materials

Patterns in a porous catalyst pellet during cycling of CO in O2. Each panel shows a different species or rate in the same pellet. The vertical axis is position in the pellet. The top of each panel is the surface exposed to flowing gas. The horizontal axis is time. Results of numerical simulations are shown which have been matched to experimental measurements of gas concentrations at the top and bottom of each panel.